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About Us

I grew up around horses, having shown as a child right through to my teenage years. I stopped briefly in my late teens, but once I had children of my own, the horses flowed very quickly, right back into my life.

My daughter started riding at Pony Club and Horsemanship at school, as we moved right back into showing very quickly with my Daughters little black Shetland, Bonny. Kate showed at all levels competing at Melbourne Royal, Adelaide Royal, Summer Royal, VASA and Barastoc.

I have been sewing as long as I can remember, I started up a small business called Caladdon & Co Country Clothing making oilskin and wool vests, then I moved into the horse gear and changed the name to Caladdon & Co Horse Gear.

What started as a hobby has grown into a thriving business and network which has allowed me to sell my products all over Australia, New Zealand even to the UK and Japan. I’ve since expanded the product range to include;

  • Feed Bags

  • Hay Bags

  • Gear Bags

  • Hat/Boot Bags

  • Saddle Cloths

  • Lunge pads and Lunge leads

  • Halters and Leads

  • Bridle Bags

  • False Tail Bags

  • Jacket Bags

  • Boots and Bell Boots

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